We are the good guys.

The natural resource wood is a product that comes from the world’s most environmentally friendly factory: the forest. Wood is a carbon-based substance which conserves fossil resources and meets the demands of intelligent circular economies. As a renewable resource, wood is an essential source of energy and material. Future viability is evidence of the outstanding environmental profile. Around 300 years ago, the Prussians made a commitment to sustainable, near-natural cultivation, based on which only as much wood as grows back each year could be taken from the forests. If we do not adhere to this sage rule, large gaps that cannot be repaired will develop in our world’s ecosystems. At rockenhausen, we take this to heart and take our responsibility seriously. For the environment, for our customers.


Handmade by heart.

rockenhausen is a manufacturing company in the traditional sense of the word. Derived from the Latin words ‘manus’ (hand) and ‘facere’ (to build), it perfectly describes our form of highly specialised and largely handmade product ranges. We have high in-house quality standards, which means that the key steps that make a rockenhausen product so special are pure craftsmanship.

The art is in the detail and is never left to chance. You can feel and see the delicacy, elegance and perfection when you look closely. The precision of our production can be seen in the exquisite profiles and rounded edges of the butt joints, as well as in the multi-layer lacquer structure which is unique to the touch. As we want to serve the individual wishes and desires of our customers, we need to offer a wealth of distinctive variations in our surfaces. Water-based paints, oiled or stained, and food-safe surfaces are part of our customisation concept and are an expression of what we do so well.We also use our creativity and engineering skill for individually developed products for bulk buyers, so we can give them the precise support they need. Good ideas, Made in Germany.

is not a standard.

Good design is like a gift, but this gift needs special quality to have a durable, everlasting value. Great attention to detail and individual standards are required to transform the archaic feel of the wood into a modern, exquisite organisation system.

To ensure that everything ultimately fits together like a new work of art each time, our approach is based on diligence and precision. Every single part is produced by hand to the highest carpentry level. Precise, overlapping, mitred front, back and side panels support our product claim, as well as the optimum, abrasion-resistant, easy-care surface based on a multi-layer coating structure.

Our motto: no compromises, no excuses!