Fineline Mosaiq

FineLine MosaiQ.

Oak & Ash

American oak and European ash are our woods of choice. They cover the entire light-dark colour spectrum, allow many different types of combinations and, thanks to their unique grain and outstanding processing properties, look and function perfectly for a very long time.

Extremely versatile.

Different types of systems, such as drawers, pull-outs, tall cabinets, low cabinets, wall units and storage boxes, can be fitted with just 21 components.

Flexibly arranged.

The benefits are clear to see. FineLine MosaiQ enable flexible internal arrangement, just the way you want it. In just a few simple steps. And you can rearrange again and again, any way you want. Upgrades with additional components, such as foil holders, spice racks, knife inserts and many more, can be added at any time.

Custom made.

And the best thing about this is that these modular and versatile partition modules fit into both straight and bevelled frames. This system is adapted to drawer depths 500 to 650 mm from all well-known suppliers.

Tidy. Flexible.
All in the box.

Drawers and pull-outs can look so neat and personalised. FineLine MosaiQ is not only fun, but creates a modern, high-quality look with material mixes of warm wood and elegant metal, along with a balanced, visual connection to lovingly selected kitchen fronts.

Unlimited possibilities.

Can something perfect be made even more perfect? Yes! Even units such as tall and low cabinets, which work wonders in terms of space and structure, benefit from the stylish wooden inserts and practical, modular wooden boxes of FineLine MosaiQ. Flexible and completely transportable, the module boxes give your kitchen a very special touch. The perfect place for everything that is frequently used and regularly taken out of the cupboard.

Many variants.

Everything in its place. Functional purism, even for plates and cups. The flexible grids adjust to your crockery, not the other way round. So many organisation options in one system. Freely selectable and can be put together and modified in no time. Just the way you want it. We care deeply about individualism. And beauty.

Decorative storage boxes.

Our oak storage boxes bring a sense of nature to alcoves and walls. The FineLine wood module box set decorative, clever tones throughout the kitchen. Whether it’s for spices or fragrant herbs, with or without lids, and always easy to take with you.

Fineline MosaiQ brochure.

Read more in our OrganiQ brochure.

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Fineline MosaiQ brochure.

Read more in our OrganiQ brochure.