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Since 2016, we are a proud part of the international, owner-operated Kesseböhmer Group , based in Bad Essen. For more than 60 years, the core competence of this successful, innovative company has been high-quality metal processing, with all production steps, from the concept to delivery, carried out in house. This guarantees a highly transparent process chain in which errors can be responded to immediately. Production reliability through continuous production and quality controls, together with compliance with high-end standards, guarantee a successful just-in-time business. The company has strong export business from Germany throughout the world. ‘Made in Germany’ is not just an internationally recognised mark, but a commitment to always do our best for our customers.


The Rockenhausen woodworking plant has experienced and achieved a lot since its foundation at the turn of the twentieth century. Originally a saw-veneer plywood factory, the first plant was established in Rockenhausen in 1906 and continuously expanded its area of expertise, from kitchen manufacturing with its own raw material production, to manufacturing and sale of kitchen furniture and accessories, to our current modern, exclusive range of interior fittings for the kitchen furniture industry.

The company’s success is based on its keen understanding of the needs of each era, right up to today. Innovation is above all a matter of research, understanding and commitment, but it is also a story of coincidences, fortunate accidents and fruitful mistakes, based on the collaborations and shared successes that inspire us.



We love what we do today and do it with great passion. We manufacture organisation systems by hand, with dedicated craftsmanship and deep expertise. The marriage of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated modern style leads to exquisite wood products for the kitchen, which enable precise, optimum arrangement of the most beautiful items in the kitchen and bring a sense of style to drawers. For us, ‘no compromises’ means reliability, the highest level of quality, sustainability and innovation. However, at the very heart of this are the customer’s wishes, which we want to realise in the best possible way with an extensive range of options.


Sustainability Policy.

This Sustainability Policy is the basis for the standards of the Holzwerk Rockenhausen GmbH & Co. KG, hereinafter referred to as rockenhausen, with respect to economic, ecological and social responsibility. The objective of this policy is to create a collective, conscientious and sustainable basis with our customers, employees and suppliers in order to optimise productivity and cooperation in our business operations.

1. Occupational Health and Safety
As an employer, rockenhausen attaches great importance to a high standard of ergonomics and safety in the workplace. This is backed up by the integrated health and safety management and fire prevention in our factories.

2. Data and Identity Protection
The protection of data and the careful handling of confidential information about our customers, employees and suppliers in order to protect their identity and privacy are of great importance for our company. This preserves the dignity of employees and creates a positive work environment.

3. Environmental Protection and Energy Management
rockenhausen tries to keep the burden on the environment as low as possible by managing natural resources carefully and economically, thereby keeping residual materials and waste to a minimum. We are striving towards the substitution of waste by materials with a sustainable circular economy in mind. The company attaches great importance to high air and water quality and is trying to curb or ideally prevent greenhouse gas emissions and waste water by using the best possible technology and improving production concepts. In so doing, the company complies with all
existing environmental laws and regulations and expects the same from all of its employees and business partners.

4. Ethical Principles
The ethical principles of our company are based on loyalty, respect for others, transparency and fair competition without corruption and exploitation. Furthermore, the company opposes discrimination in any form relating to race, origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or age.

5. Freedom of Association
Employees must be able to communicate openly and respectfully with mutual trust within the company and with management concerning working conditions without having to fear any negative consequences. All employees have the right to form an association, join a workers’ organisation and to nominate a representative or be elected as a representative.

6. Working Hours, Employee Benefits and Remuneration
Remuneration, employee benefits, working hours and holiday entitlement must comply with the statutory provisions regarding minimum wages, overtime and compulsory social welfare. If there is no national law in this respect, the working and social standards of the ILO shall apply.

7. Prohibition of Child Labour
rockenhausen condemns child labour and complies with the laws and regulations on the minimum age for admission to employment or work. Every customer and supplier is requested to likewise abide by such regulations.

8. Continuous Improvement
Innovations and improvements are important. The company therefore focuses on the continuous improvement of environmental protection, energy efficiency, occupational health and safety and social responsibility. In so doing, our company seeks out and encourages innovative ideas from employees through an improvement system.

9. Freedom to choose a Workplace
The freedom to choose a workplace must be respected. Any kind of forced labour or trafficking in human beings must not be tolerated. All work must be performed voluntarily and employees must be allowed to terminate their employment contract at any time.

10. Export Controls and Economic Sanctions
The company manages its business in compliance with the criteria for export controls and observing existing economic sanctions in order to ensure safe and secure trading. The company opposes trade outside of these regulations.

11. Awareness and Transparency
rockenhausen takes care to ensure that every employee is informed clearly and comprehensibly about their tasks, rights and duties and about important news and events in the company. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, rockenhausen offers suppliers unambiguous and comprehensible contracts.

12. Implementation and Responsibility
Supervisors and those in leadership positions set a crucial example in the implementation of the Sustainability Policy. However, every employee is jointly responsible for compliance and the successful implementation of these guidelines.

Martin Rau
Managing Director

as of January 2020

Quality Policy.

Holzwerk Rockenhausen GmbH & Co. KG is committed to acting sustainably towards customers, employees, suppliers and the environment. Sustainability means that, in particular, the quality of the products and the reliability of delivery have first priority.

Quality is the basis of all our activities. It is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy and is communicated, understood and realised in all areas of our company. It is the working basis of all our employees.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee this satisfaction through products that meet the customer’s requirements, high delivery reliability and excellent service.

In our understanding, quality is essentially achieved at the beginning of the value-added process. Therefore, our suppliers play an important role in the creation of quality products. We ensure that only materials from suppliers that meet our quality requirements are used.

All processes in the value chain are accompanied by continuous quality improvement. In all areas of the company, our employees know the requirements for achieving the required quality and fulfil them on their own responsibility. The divisions are obliged to define measurable quality goals, to back them up with measures, to implement them and to check their effectiveness.

Their motivation, qualification and identification with the products shape the company’s success. The maintenance and further development of our QM system leads us to constant quality improvement and thus to job security.

Our goal is to help shape the national and international market through product innovation and new quality standards, to consolidate our market position and to expand it in a targeted manner. To this end, the company management is informed at all times about the effectiveness of the QM system.

Martin Rau
Managing Director

as of January 2020

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Martin Rau.
Managing Director


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Production management

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