we are strong.

Since 2016, we are a proud part of the international, owner-operated Kesseböhmer Group , based in Bad Essen. For more than 60 years, the core competence of this successful, innovative company has been high-quality metal processing, with all production steps, from the concept to delivery, carried out in house. This guarantees a highly transparent process chain in which errors can be responded to immediately. Production reliability through continuous production and quality controls, together with compliance with high-end standards, guarantee a successful just-in-time business. The company has strong export business from Germany throughout the world. ‘Made in Germany’ is not just an internationally recognised mark, but a commitment to always do our best for our customers.


The Rockenhausen woodworking plant has experienced and achieved a lot since its foundation at the turn of the twentieth century. Originally a saw-veneer plywood factory, the first plant was established in Rockenhausen in 1906 and continuously expanded its area of expertise, from kitchen manufacturing with its own raw material production, to manufacturing and sale of kitchen furniture and accessories, to our current modern, exclusive range of interior fittings for the kitchen furniture industry.

The company’s success is based on its keen understanding of the needs of each era, right up to today. Innovation is above all a matter of research, understanding and commitment, but it is also a story of coincidences, fortunate accidents and fruitful mistakes, based on the collaborations and shared successes that inspire us.



We love what we do today and do it with great passion. We manufacture organisation systems by hand, with dedicated craftsmanship and deep expertise. The marriage of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated modern style leads to exquisite wood products for the kitchen, which enable precise, optimum arrangement of the most beautiful items in the kitchen and bring a sense of style to drawers. For us, ‘no compromises’ means reliability, the highest level of quality, sustainability and innovation. However, at the very heart of this are the customer’s wishes, which we want to realise in the best possible way with an extensive range of options.


We´re a team.


Martin Rau.
Managing Director


Sebastian Cnota.
Production management


Dennis Werle.
Technical consultation


Uwe Brandt.
Purchasing management


Simon Fischer.
Product and project management


Linda Meyer.
Technical processing


Silvia Sacher.
Order processing/Logistics

Anke Francke.